Friday, November 9, 2007

"Greenleaf" By: Flannery O' Connor

Summery: The story "GreenLeaf "was about a woman named Ms. May. She was a country woman or a Redneck. She was racist. One of her workers was Mr. GreenLeaf. He was a black man that had already had 2 children and was married. Ms. May thought that he was very strange, the book made it seem that she was in love with him. She would talk make fun of him and call him names, but deep down she had feelings for him. Mr. Greenleafs son's Ot and Et's bull had gotten out of the farm and walk to Ms. May's farm. The bull had been eating Ms. May's crops and grass. She told Mr. Greenleaf that he had to get the bull of the farm or he was going to have to kill it. Ms. May told her son's Scofield and Wesley what had happened. Scofield was a professor at a college, and Wesley was an insurance man. The two brother's just laughed at there mother. She made a remark that she wished that here sons were Ot and Et. Ot and Et were in the army. They achieved the rank of Sergent and married French women and had children. They also had a farm that was very successful.

The Next Day at Ot and Et's Farm....

She asked some of Ot and Et's workers were they were. When they replied they said that they had gone into town to. When Ms. May went around to look to see the quality of the place, she found out that they kept a clean farm. When Ms. May went back to her farm, she talk to her son's. They made fun of her and talk to her in a inappropriate way. Ms. May got very angry and and ran out of the room. There was a knock on her door, it was Mr. Greenleaf. Mr. Green Leaf said he heard a bump and he wanted to see if everything was ok. Ms. May told him that the bull was stilling eating her grass and that he need to be shot. Ms. May taunted Mr. Greenleaf about his son's not caring about him. Mr. Greenleaf got his gun and went after the bull. Ms. May drove her car to were the bull was. Ms. May saw Mr. Greenleaf one second and then he disappeared into the woods with the bull. After a while Ms. May got out of her car and sat on it. Ms. May thought for a while about how her life was going. After awhile Ms. May saw the bull running toward her and then it gored her in the stomach. Ms. Mays saw white after that....

Themes: Racism was one of the themes in Greenleaf. Ms. May and her son's were racist against black people. Mrs. May would always refer to a black person as the N word. Religon was another aspect in Greenleaf. Mrs. Greenleaf would always pray to god and bury news clipping's of bad things that happend in the world and pray over them. The Unsucpecting Love between Ms. May and Mr. Greenleaf. Mrs. May would say that she loved Mr. Greenleaf but in reality she had feeling for him. She would call him name but she really want to be with him.

Questions: Why didn't Ms. May move out of the way or run away from the bull before it mauled her. Why did Mrs. May's Son's talk bad about and not care about her. How did Mr. Greenleaf put up with Mrs. May and all the things she did to him.

Reader Response: I thought this story was easy to understand and very interesting to read. Some of the aspects that I liked was how people succeded after people didn't want them to. Mrs. May didn't want Ot and Et to have a good life she thought that they were slobs. Just because they were black she didn't think that they could have a good life.

Video: This video shows a bull going crazy. This connects with the story because there is a bull that is eating Mrs. May's grass, and Mr Greenleaf has to kill it. At the end of the video the bull gets stabed and killed, at the end of Greenleaf the bull gets shot and killed.