Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Killers By: Ernest Himingway

Summery: The story the Killers begins in the town called Summit in Henry’s Dinner. Some of the main characters were George, Nick Adams, Ole Anderson and Sam. There were two killers that walked in the Dinner. They asked if they could have something to eat George gave them some food. The two men asked if Ole Anderson a former boxer ever came to the restaurant. George told them that he came in around 6:30. They started hassling George and calling him bright boy. Then they told him to go into the back of the dinner. Nick Adams then saw them pull out a shotgun.

In the Kitchen. . .

They tied Nick and Sam and let George handle the customers that came in. A motorists came in and asked for something to eat. George told him that Sam was not in and he would be back in a while. George then went back to the kitchen. Where the two killers were holding them hostage. The killers were verbally assaulting Sam by calling him the N word. When Ole finally didn’t show up the killers left. George then untied Nick and Sam. George told Nick that someone should go tell Ole what happened. Nick said the he would tell him.

At Ole's apartment. . .

When Nick went to see Ole, Ole was sitting in his bed. Nick told him what happened in the Diner, but Ole didn’t care about what happened he knew that someone wanted to kill him. Nick left him and went back to the diner to tell George. Nick told George that he had to get out of the town.

Themes and meaning: The author was trying to say that if people made to many mistakes in life that they would come back to haunt them. Like Ole, he must have made a mistake in his life and someone wanted to kill him. Ole's life was successful but he could have made many mistakes or done something wrong to get to higher in life. This is why it is not always right to make bad dissections.



George, Nick Adams, Max, Al

Ole Anderson-

Video: The reason I put this video in my blog is because of Ole Anderson. He was a boxer that got into a little trouble in his life. The boxer in the video is Rocky Marciano. Ole Anderson boxing carrrer was going up, Rockys carrer was amazing. Rocky was 49-0 when he retired from boxing. In the story Ole must have been a great boxer if people were trying to kill him. The reason I think this is because someone might have wanted him to take a dive in a fight so they could make money. He might have said know to taking a dive so they might have wanted to kill him.

Youtube: If you want you can look at The clips from the Killers on youtube. Also you can look at any video your big hearts disire.


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zuchowickis said...

I enjoyed cheking out your blog but you could have put more effort into the summary. It souns as if your rushed thorugh it. I enjoyed how you wrote the part of what happened in the kitchen. I also like the part in your blog of how you explained what went on at Ale's house. The only thing that was a little shaky in you blog was your themes and meanings. it kind of confused me a little bit. Another thing that I enjoyed was your lay out and your picture. Another thing that I saw that was different from all the others was how you put some informantion about you. I enjoyed checking out you blogg.