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Miami-New York By: Martha Gellhorn

Author: Martha Gellhorn was born on November 8, 1908 in St. Louis, Missouri. She was a American Novelist. She was also one of the best war writers during her time. Gellhorn was Ernest Hemingway's third wife before he committed suicide. At the age of 81 she became and ill was almost completely blind. She committed suicide by eating a poison pill.

Summery: Miami to New York is about Kate Merlin who is a famous Artist, and John Hanley who is a Lieutenant in the Navy. John had just gotten back from war and was spending some time in Miami. Kate and John board a Plane to New York were they ended up sitting next to one another. Kate was a timmed person who was insecure about her self. John did not want to talk to anyone on the plane, all he wanted to do was sleep. Kate thought to herself about how John's life would be. She thought he had a wife that was waiting for him and he had a nice home were he was happy. John noticed that she was wealth, he thought she was lonley because of the way she acted. John felt as if he saw the womans troubled life, and how sad she had become. He felt as if her lips were asking to be kissed. Kate looked at him and they kissed each other. Kate pulled away from him and hesitated for a miniate and exchanged names with him. Kate asked him "how did you know you could kiss me". John reasponded with " I didn't know anything I didn't plan anything". Kate thought to her self, that she had never done something like this before. She hoped that John didn't think of her as a girl that did this all the time. John then kissed her again right before she told him how she. Then John took her head and pressed it against his shoulder, and said It's all right. They both then went to sleep.

A Few Hours Later

When they woke up, the plane was over New York and preparing to land. John and some of the other passenger's got up from there seats and began to talk. When John came back he asked Kate if she was Kate Merlin the Famous artist. Kate said yes and asked if there was a problem. John said that he thought she was older. Kate was only 35, and John was 24. Kate asked John if he was staying in New york for a long time. When John said know he was leaving for home, Kate felt as if he had rejected her, and she did not want to be around him anymore. When the plane landed Kate got a Taxi Cab and told John that she hopes to she him some time and John saluted her goodbye.

Themes: One themes in this story was Lonlyness Kate was lonley, and she wanted a companion to chare a relationship with. She had a husband but he was never there for her. Another theme could be speculations. Kate thought that John's life was almost perfect. She thought he had a wife that loved him and that he was happy.

Questions: Why did Kate let John Kiss her? Why didn't John stay in New York with Kate for a little while? What was the reason for the Kiss? Why did Kate and John think

Reader response: I thought that the story Miami-New York was very interesting. One of the reason's I thought it was interesting was because when you get onto a plane you don't always know the person sitting next to you and In this story John and Kate got to learn alot about the people sitting next to them.


Monique Langston said...

John and Kate already possess what the other needs or would be expected to have. John has happiness although he's been through hell, and Kate is unhappy though she has someone who loves her. Kate could learn from John to appreciate each day. The story is both funny and interesting because of the way they judge one another and describe what is actually their own character.

5 hours said...

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AnneS said...

"timmed"????? timid is what you meant.

I totally disagree with your take on Kate's character.
These 2 people are in a brief limbo: where they are (plane) means no deep physical expressions (ie, no sex) , so they are left with projecting their thoughts about each other on to the other, and then withdrawing in fear instead of pursuing what could have been wonderful.

Gellhorn's idea that 35 is "missle aged"is total period-piece. WOuldn;t be seen that way now.

Gotta go to class.
THe teacher

AnneS said...

Middle, not missle And I wrote it at 7:49 am EDT