Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Second Tree from the Corner: By E.B. White

Author: E.B. White or Elwyn Brooks White was born on july 11 1899 Mount Vernon, New York. He gratuaded from Cornell University. James Thurber once said "No one can write a sentence like White." Elwyn was 86 when he died in Main.

Summery: The story begins with Mr. Trexler in a shincs office. The Doctor asked if he had ever had any Bizarre thoughts before. Mr. Trexler had to think for while about this question. He know if he answered yes and told him some of his thought then the doctor would be more concered about him. But he also knew if he said no then the doctor would know that he was lying. After a while Mr. Trexler said "no." After twenty mins of theropy the doctor came up with a conclusion. Mr. Trexler was was scared. He came up with the conclusion because when ever he asked Mr. Trexler a question he would move it back little by little. Trexler started to think about how the other patients must fell while they are waiting. The Sesson was then over and Trexler left. Trexler went to see the doctor routinly. The doctor was trying to convince him that it was all fear nothing else. The Doctor said this to Trexler "What do you want". Trexler could not reply. When this session was over Trexler walked down Third Avenue and thought what did he want. After he thought and came to a conclusion he felt much better and his sickness seemed to heal. He felt like a brand new person.

Themes and Meaning : The theme of this story was to find out who you were. Trexler didn't know who he was at the beggining but in the end he found out who he was and he felt much better about himself. The author of the story was trying to say don't forget who you are. Also if you do forget who you are then you always can remind yourself.

Questions: Why did the doctor not try to figure out what else was wrong with Trexler? Why didn't Trexler say what he wanted to do? What made Trexler feel better about him self and heal his sickness?

Reader Reasponse: I like this story because it had to do with Phycology and trying to figure out someone. I Also like the story because of all the asspects it went through.

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